Adobe Creative Cloud Will Run Free On Chromebooks With Android Apps

Adobe Creative Cloud Will Run Free On Chromebooks

Adobe announced on Tuesday (24) the launch of a suite of free applications for Chromebooks. Now, Adobe Creative Cloud has six tools optimized to run on Chrome OS computers and access to the Google Play Store. which were previously only available for Android. Together, applications that run online allow you to edit images and share files with Photoshop and other desktop programs through the cloud. Adobe is creating a new digital assistant capable of editing your photos For now, only three Chromebooks (Chrome OS) have access to Creative Cloud: Asus Flip, Acer R11 / C738T and the Chromebook Pixel manufactured in 2015. No other model is compatible so far with the six Adobe apps. But the promise is that every laptop with Chrome OS released from 2017 may have access to the new thing soon.

Adobe Photoshop Mix, Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Adobe Illustrator Draw, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, CC Comp and Creative Cloud Mobile are the applications that come out for free. All of them were already available for Android smartphones and tablets, but only now come to Chrome OS in a joint effort between Adobe and Google. Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Clip and eight other editing applications are present only on Android operating systems.
TechTudo Application: Get Tech Tips and News on Your Mobile New apps for Chrome OS bring various features of Photoshop and other Adobe desktop tools. However, they are more limited options for editing images, inferior to versions for Windows or Mac OS X.
It is worth remembering that in 2014, the two companies announced a partnership to bring the complete Photoshop in online version for Chromebooks. However, after the start of the tests, there was no more news about it.